Production Process of Rusks

Production Process of Rusks

We'd like to show you around the production process of rusks. Would you like to know how our rusks are created? We'd like to introduce the process of making rusks piece by piece. We do our best to provide tasty rusks with safety and security first.

Process of creating rusks

Our Bakery

These pictures show some portions of our bakery. The good taste of our rusks is born here.

※ Passion for quality of Asakusa Rusk in our bakery
The most important thing in making French bread, the basic ingredient for making rusks, is to be careful not to form big bubbles in the dough.

All of our staff members are serious about baking the best rusks everyday since very careful attention is needed for things such as temperature management, fermentation state, length of shaping time and bake time.

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