Our Products

Our Products


Plain is the most popular. It has a crispy and light texture and also the rich flavor of butter. You can enjoy the flavor of French bread and its smoky aroma. This is a tasty, lavish baked confectionery.


We knead flavorful Earl Grey tea leaves and orange peels into the dough. As the tea goes well with orange peels, the sweet and sour taste can give you a good kick. The minute you open the bag, you can smell the great smell.


We add blueberry juice and large blueberries in the dough. The minute you open the bag, you can smell it and the blueberry flavor is delicious.

Yuzu, a kind of citrus

The good sweet and sour flavor gets great reviews from the even people who don't like yuzu. Enjoy the fresh sweetness.

Brown sugar

These popular rusks have a brown sugar flavor. The combination of the special sweetness of brown sugar and the rich flavor of butter is delicious. These bite-sized and fan-shaped rusks are, easy-to-eat and increasingly popular with women and children.

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