asakusa rusk


The best quality rusks use only the clear upper portion of melted butter.
This Asakusa Rusks are very popular.

The traditional and innovative Asakusa Rusk, a Tokyo institution

Asakusa has flourished as the center of Tokyo, a town for merchants and craftsmen and a town rich in culture since the Edo bakufu(Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) was established in 1603. It has always been prized as a place where tradition and innovation mix together.

Asakusa is a famous tourist spot in Tokyo, because it offers a sense of Edo even now.

The local specialty Asakusa rusks was born in this town.

The Asakusa rusk was an attempt to create a Western confectionery. It came about because of "Asakusa Dapperness" which always embraced new cultures. Asakusa rusks are a product of Japanese culture, which is very particular and sensitive.

Each ingredient is selected carefully for use, such as butter with rich aroma and wheat flour with the flavor of food. It requires daily skill to make crispy Asakusa rusks. It is characterized by "the beauty of the Japan's harmonious aesthetics".

Freshly baked rusks are packaged carefully with wrapping paper on which is printed "the wind god and thunder god", the gods which guard Senso-ji Temple.

You can appreciate the rich flavor of butter when eating, the fine and crispy texture that's neither too firm nor too soft, and the addictive taste, which people never tired of eating.Asakusa rusks can be said to be the taste of the condensed skill and sense of Japan.

It is good for both memories of your trip and a souvenir of Asakusa. Please be sure to savor the local specialty, Asakusa Rusk. Our company has been devoted to the single task of making rusks since the institution's formation.


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